Best Restaurants in Kolkata You Don’t Want to Miss Out

Best Restaurants in Kolkata:

Capital of the state of West Bengal, Calcutta is much more than being a seat of political power. One of the oldest cities in the country, Calcutta has seen many powers change hands. The Calcutta presidency of the East India Company, the Calcutta ensconced in Bengali culture with deep influences from the South East Asian countries is what can be seen at the very best restaurants in Kolkata and its food.

  • The Corner Courtyard is an excellent place to dine out. A colonial bungalow converted into an elegant restaurant. The restaurant offers a global world cuisine and its specialties include Potato Wedges in Cheese Fondue with Sundried Tomatoes, beet-flavored Hummus, Honey Glazed Grilled Chicken paired with Bengali mustard, Grilled Shrimps tossed in a Chocolate Sauce and many others. 
Best Restaurants in Kolkata
  • Bohemian is a fantastic amalgamation of the traditional elements with modern contemporary materials. The restaurant offers a modern take on the traditional Bengali dishes presented in the most beautiful manner. It specialties include Firangee Mutton Roast with Spinach and Coconut Jus, Cauliflower and Mustard Pudding with Coconut and Darjeeling Chillies, Chital Steak and others.
Best Restaurants in Kolkata
  • Peter Cat, the name can be quite misleading, but Peter Cat conjures up the most mouthwatering kebabs in Kolkata. Its Chelo Kebab platter is a must have apart from many other dishes.
Best Restaurants in Kolkata
  • Flury’s is an iconic eatery of Kolkata. A culibary institution in itself Flury’s offers the best ice creams and other desserts in the whole of Kolkata.
  • Other restaurants include Mocambo, Fire and Ice Pizzeria, Mrs. Magpie, Oh! Calcutta, Kewpie’s Kitchen, Indian Coffee House, Paris Café and numerous others. 

Known as the City of Joy, Kolkata is definitely a city of joy when it comes to food. The diverse range of delicious dishes that make dining out a magical affair always. The best restaurants in Kolkata give you a wide range of food to choose from your favorite cuisines.

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