Best Restaurants in Shillong You Might Want to Know

Best Restaurants in Shillong:

Known as the abode of the clouds, Shillong is home to some of the most spectacular views. Shillong is abundant with natural beauty and the city also has its very own set of culinary extravagance. The best restaurants in shilling gives its people a way to satiate their taste buds with the best.

  • Café Shillong is the place to be if you are in the city and crave good food. The crowds throng here each day for its delectable northeastern cuisine. Must try the Thupka, khauswey, steak and much more.
Best Restaurants in Shillong
  • Café Shillong Heritage is part of the luxurious Royal Heritage Tripura Castle. The ambience is excellent and oozes royalty. The snug fireplace, wooden fittings, the elegance and the sophistication reflects in the food that is served here as well. The pork roast, spare ribs and the momos are worth indulging in.
  • La Galerie is housed in the Center Point Hotel and offers excellent food. The Chinese and the Continental food preparation is exceptional.
  • City Hut is the place to raid when it comes to the best Tandoori, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Mexican and Continental dishes. A haven for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food lovers City Hut is one of the best restaurants in Shillong.
  • Sao Aiom is where you can indulge in extravagant food choices in Shillong. The culinary delights include many Khasi specialties along with Chinese, Indian and Continental dishes. Not to miss are the smoke pork with bamboo shoot along with rice fired in turmeric and Cherrapunji chicken and many others.
  • Other restaurants include Trattoria, Jadoh, The Wok, Delhi Mishtan Bhandar, Palace, The Rice Court and others.  

A foodie’s paradise, Shillong has excellent bakeries, cafes and restaurants that offer delicious food and that too at affordable prices. The best restaurants in Shillong satiates your taste buds like no other.  

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